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September 2012

Sunday, September 23 will be the last day of display at 1223 in Hiroo. We were able to put on 12 shows over the last two and half years beginning from March 2010. We convey our thanks to the people who were involved in these programs at 1223.

From our end we can say we made an effort to show works which can be an intermediary or language to communicate with artists and other viewers. It ended up confirming the visitors and artists with whom we can share our perception and therefore it was encouraging and meaningful.

We will consider reopening 1223 in a different place with new programs and concept within a few years. Meanwhile, we are now preparing to open a commercial gallery in Manhattan, NY at the beginning of 2013. We will introduce the contents of the gallery on this web page. Generally, its concept while selling works of art will be the same as that of 1223.

We hope to see a community where we can share the perception with more and more people.

1223 Gendaikaiga

Name 1223 GENDAIKAIGA - Contemporary Painting Collection -
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