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July 21 - Sep. 23, 2012 MITSUKO MIWA
gColor and Gravityh


©Mitsuko Miwa                                             

This exhibition mainly shows her new works and also several paintings from the "SKELETON" series which were chosen for the cover of her first anthology published in February 2012.

The motifs depicted on canvas are books; they are painted as belts of different colors competing against each other and it adds 3 dimensional as well as 2 dimensional feeling to the works. In order to express the inconsistent relation of color and weight (the color itself does not have weight) she treated the canvas itself as a statue. It will be our pleasure for a viewer to enjoy her new works created in a viewpoint unlike the last "STATUE" series that rebuilt statues in the canvas.


1958 Born in Nagoya Japan
1981 Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Art and Music
1995 Received VOCA Prize.VOCA'95
1996-1997 Worked at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien by a grant of Philip Morris Foundation, in Berlin
1998 Worked at IASPIS in Stockholm



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