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May 14 - July 03, 2011 MITSUKO MIWA


©Mitsuko Miwa                                             

This exhibition shows her new works, the gSTATUEh series, which were drawn from 2009 to 2010; as well as several large-scale monochrome paintings from the 1990s. This gSTATUEh series is depicting a theme based on the feeling of an object about to come out of the canvas, which is different from a three dimensional expression on canvas. The oil mounted STATUE without intention could be anything depending on a viewerfs angle and perception. These works, being painted by light color oils with many layers, looks like a reproduction of an actual solid geometric object.

It will be our pleasure for a viewer to enjoy her expression on this new challenge.


1958 Born in Nagoya Japan
1981 Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Art and Music
1995 Received VOCA Prize.VOCA'95
1996-1997 Worked at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien by a grant of Philip Morris Foundation, in Berlin
1998 Worked at IASPIS in Stockholm



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