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Jun. 03 - Aug. 01, 2010 TAKASHI HOMMA

©Takashi Homma

This exhibition presents gNEW WAVESh which shows the record of waves on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii taken since the year 2000. The waves are changing their shapes at every moment and thereby became an attracting motif to us. Takashi Homma induced by waves says this will be my life work.

In addition to the above we present several pictures taken in Europe, capturing the sea. These are a part of his works gArchitectural Landscapesh, the series which demonstrates architectures and their environment since the late 90s.

We hope you enjoy the landscapes of seas seasonally match at this time.


1962 Born in Tokyo
1999 Received 24th Ihei Kimura Memorial Photography Award
2001 "Tokyo Children" published by Little More, Tokyo
2003 "NEW WAVES" published by PARCO, Tokyo
2008 "Tokyo" published by Aperture Foundation, New York



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