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Mar. 03 - May 09, 2010 MITSUKO MIWA

©Mitsuko Miwa

The works have been created by her spirit always seeking for new expression on canvas and particular motifs, such as mushroom described as gStill-Lifeh, potatoes named as gBodyh and red on canvas within a frame painted in white. At a certain distance from the pieces, the mountain and sea look like photographs. However, a closer look shows her painting touch and oil mount on canvas.

This exhibition shows her energy and evolution over the last 24 years through 13 works from gCoat on yellow canvash in 1985 to gSKELETON octopush in 2009.


1958 Born in Nagoya Japan
1981 Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Art and Music
1995 Received VOCA Prize.VOCA'95
1996-1997 Worked at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien by a grant of Philip Morris Foundation, in Berlin
1998 Worked at IASPIS in Stockholm



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